Issues In Albuquerque

Johnny Luévano recognizes that issues in  Albuquerque are many. Topping the list is Crime and Safety, Trust In Leadership and Economy and Jobs. Johnny’s solutions will help make Albuquerque a  beautiful place again. To learn more about Johnny, visit Meet Johnny.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1: Issues In Albuquerque - APD Arrest
APD arrest at Central Ave NW and Airport Rd NW near Smith’s Food and Drug on Coors Blvd NW and Central Ave NW where a cab driver was killed on February 27, 2017 and a man was found dead across the street at the bus stop on June 6, 2017.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1: Issues In Albuquerque - Crime and Safety

Issues In Albuquerque: Crime

Johnny Luévano is fed up with the Albuquerque crime issues. He refuses to accept that out-of-control crime is our new way of life.  We now lead the nation in auto thefts and we are also the 5th most violent city in the country.  Albuquerque has always had a crime element, as do most large cities.  But in the past, crime was contained and controlled to certain areas of town.  Now, crime has routinely come to our front doorsteps and into our homes.  Our neighborhoods are under attack by these professional criminals. Our politicians have failed to keep our families and children safe.

The “Marine Tough” Solution = No Excuses, Taking Responsibility, Backing Up Our Officers and Achieving Results:


Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1

We must reset the APD culture and relationship with the community. Trust and Support for our officers.  Elect New council leadership. We also need to turn the page on the days where the needs and concerns of the department go unheard and ignored.  The new Council members need to make it very clear that Public Safety is our #1 Priority and we will get it solved without making any excuses.  We will take an APD Pledge of Support that we, “Got Your Back” through the good and bad.


Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1

We need to partner with APD to solve the officer recruiting problem. Bring up the number of officers patrolling our streets.  As a former military recruiter, I fully understand the challenges of finding highly qualified candidates.  Most of all, I also know what it takes to overcome these obstacles. We need to partner with APD and assist the department in recruiting more officers.


Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1

Increase the visibility of APD in the community by Increasing the number of officers on streets.  There are other, smarter ways to manage the police. I would like to explore the idea of relocating the APD Southwest Area Command Substation. It is currently non-visible at 6404 Los Volcanes NW. I suggest moving it to a highly visible major intersection such as Coors and Central. High crime and transient traffic plagues the intersection.  Visibility is a force multiplier to deter crime.


Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1We must maintain the current funding for 1,000 officers and not direct the unused portion of that budget to other non-public safety departments.  We also need to put together a transparent plan within our first year of the new administration to show the community how we plan to get to1,200 officers on the streets by 2021.  If the new council fails to achieve 1,200 officers on the streets by the next election, I ask that all newly elected councilors pledge to not seek re-election in 2021.  I will take and lead that pledge.


Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1We must maintain visibility on our judges who are allowing these repeat offenders back onto our streets.  As a City Councilor, we do not have direct oversight or authority over our judges.  But we can continue to highlight this issue and become a positive partner in reducing the release of repeat offenders.


Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1: Albuquerque Issues - ART Traffic Problems
Westside drivers seeking alternate route on Montaño Rd NW due to the ART Project construction on Central Ave. Many Westside residents use I-40, Central Ave and Montaño Rd to cross the river.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1: Issues In Albuquerque - Trust In Service

Issues In Albuquerque: Leadership

The Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) Project has been a very controversial and disappointing issue.  Many promises were made and many promises were broken.  Our elected city leadership failed to listen to the concerns of our community and forced this project upon us.  Our local businesses along the west central corridor are struggling to survive and many will go out of business.  Lives ruined, promises not kept and trust in government broken.

The citizens of our community have one card left to play, vote these folks out of office!  Stand with our local businesses and make your voice be heard at the voting booth.  There is nothing more dangerous than elected officials who ignore the will of the people and force their wishes upon a community.  On election day let’s stand together and vote these city councilors out of office who forced the ART upon us.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1: Issues In Albuquerque - Empty Retail Space
The West Side is another example of Albuquerque’s poor economy and slow growth. Some businesses have moved out. Others still struggle to survive. And, many retail locations remain empty with no businesses moving in. This slow growth increases the unemployment rate.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1: Issues In Albuquerque - Economy and Jobs

Albuquerque Issues: Economic

Over the past eight years our local economy has continued to struggle with high unemployment and loss of high paying jobs adding to the Albuquerque issues.  Also, the high crime rate is driving our local businesses away and keeping other companies from coming here.  Our children are choosing to leave the city in record numbers in pursuit of a better life elsewhere.  It’s time for change in our elected city government.

Solution:  Top-notch public safety, first class public infrastructure and a smart cooperative government.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1We must solve the out-of-control crime problem in this city or businesses will continue to fail and leave our city.  Recently I took my family to lunch at the “Green Jeans” eatery and we walked up to the APD CSI unit investigating the latest break-in and the rumor amongst the many tourists in the area was that this was the 10th break-in in the last few months within that multi-food eatery.  This is not the reputation that we want to build in this city.  As your city councilor I will pursue a top-notch police force to protect our families and businesses from these professional criminals who are destroying our city.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1Most companies look for cities with the physical and intellectual infrastructure to support their business plan. We must begin to smartly invest our limited resources to ensure our current infrastructure is properly maintained.  We cannot afford to run an empty bus up and down the central corridor at the cost of $119 million while reducing the driving capacity of one our limited bridges that connects the West Side of Albuquerque.

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1Smart government maintains low taxes and low regulations in order to create a friendly business environment for companies to succeed. As your city councilor I will favor keeping taxes and regulations low in order to build a more successful economy in our city.