Why Johnny Luévano?

Johnny Luévano: It’s Time for Change!

Our beautiful city is falling apart right before our eyes and Johnny Luévano wants to do something about it. We have out of control crime. There is homelessness on every major corner in the city.  Albuquerque has a struggling economy that is driving our children away.  We have career politicians who have broken the trust of our coJohnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1mmunity by ignoring these problems and by forcing the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) BOONDOGGLE against the will of the people.

It’s time to change the leadership of this city or we will continue to go down the path of failure.  Over the past eight years we have seen crime go from the inner city to the doorstep of our homes.  Crime is causing businesses to leave or not come here, so the economy is sputtering along and causing our children to leave this city in record numbers to pursue a better life.

Our current city leadership has failed us!

Johnny Luévano for Albuquerque City Council District 1

Johnny Luévano: Track Record of Success

Johnny Luévano is a political outsider with a passion to improve our community with the grit and determination to turnaround our failing city.  He grew up in a very poor New Mexico household where they relied on food stamps to get by.  His mother cleaned homes and his father was a day laborer.  Johnny learned the value of hard work early in his life and after high school he joined the United States Marine Corps to better his life.  He worked his way up the ranks from Private and retired as a Captain after 20 years.  During this time, he worked hard to attain two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree.

Johnny’s life experience has shown a track record of success and he has the experience to turnaround a failing organization.  Johnny has the leadership, education and experience that you can trust to change the direction of our failing city.  Learn more about Johnny Luévano here.

Election day is October 3rd, 2017. Join Johnny Luévano today and help make Albuquerque the place it once was.  Thank you for your support.  For more information about the City Election, visit the City of Albuquerque Voting & Elections.